Who We Are

Welcome to, the website of CryptoTechCurrency, Inc, a Vapor Group company, and new entrant into the world of cryptocurrency mining.

We were formed solely as cryptocurrency miners and we will begin operations 24-hours per day, and 7-days per week during January 2018 using 25 "high hash rate" ASIC L3+ AntMiner servers, to which we will add Bitmain ASIC L3+ AntMiner S9's for Bitcoin, thereby establishing our own "cryptomining farm".

Our Strategy

Our strategic intent is over time to immensely increase the size of our cryptomining farm by adding hundreds or even thousands of machines like those described above or even more specialized, which in groups may participate in one or more mining pools for added mining efficiency.

Since we are a startup, we have carefully considered in our operational planning the impact of multiple cost factors that effect mining efficiency, and believe that in our planning that we have optimized these factors to yield the maximum return on our investment in both machines and time.


Cryptocurrency and the Cryptocurrency
Mining Business

Driven by the explosive worldwide growth of digital cryptocurrencies, which today have a total market capitalization of over $500 billion, opportunities for revenue and profit abound in the cryptomining business which has become a true global enterprise. "Cryptomining" is the fundamental methodology of earning and "creating" digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin and others, through the use of dedicated, specialized mining machines such as we described above that perform complex mathematical functions to mine cryptocurrency and process cryptocurrency transactions. These machines operate 24-hours per day, 7-days per week within mining-dedicated, temperature-controlled server centers that provide complete end-to-end technical and other support for "peace of mind" and uninterrupted operation.

We believe as part of a U.S.-based, publicly-traded company, Vapor Group, Inc. (OTC trading symbol: VPOR) CryptoTechCurrency is well positioned to take advantage of this exploding, global market. Vapor Group produces us with access to Vapor Group's capital formation resources which we may use to greatly expand our cryptomining farm or farms over time. Join us for the journey.

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